• Image of Pastrami Guy Tee
  • Image of Pastrami Guy Tee

Our Boy David is not only a kind, easy going, insanely talented drummer with a hilarious sense of humor, he is also a Dreamer ( DACA Recipient)

Born in Monterrey, Mexico, David has lived in Los Angeles since he was a 11 and has become an irreplaceable member of our city's music scene ( David is a member of both The Paranoyds and SadGirl)

He has been in the process of becoming an American Citizen for the past two years, but the cost of processing and legal fees is building and on going.

In order to help with costs these costs we're making a very special Tee with all proceeds going towards David's legal fees towards citizenship

Available For Pre-Order now

( orders may take several weeks to ship as preorders and production is finalized )